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BCS School Board Chooses Plan C for First Nine Weeks

BCS School Reopening Update Clipart


Today, July 21, 2020, the Bertie County Board of Education unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation to open the school year on Plan C—all remote learning—for the first nine weeks of school.

Face-to-face provisions will be made for certain groups of students such as those with an IEP, students enrolled in certain CTE courses with Martin Community College that require labs, and select seniors who need to ensure they have all their credits for graduation. 

All Fall sports and extracurricular (after-school) activities such as band are suspended indefinitely.

As the close of the first nine weeks approaches, the situation in Bertie County will be reevaluated with regard to the spread and reach of the COVID-19 and another decision will be made for moving forward from that point.

More information is forthcoming about the plans for remote learning, meals, etc.