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NC launches 'Just Be Kind' Campaign

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Educators –


On October 29, 2018, a fight broke out in the hallway of Butler High School before class. One student ended the fight by shooting another.


Communities should never have to experience what Butler endured that day, but the strength and resilience of their students, educators, and staff have inspired the state.


We are excited to launch the NC Kindness Campaign. To start, we’ve sent the [links] below to middle schools and high schools.       Unkindness of any type has no place in our schools. We must work together to reinvigorate this message and reduce bullying, teen suicides, and violence in our schools. Also, we want to work together to help improve student discipline and classroom management, which we know can be a challenge.


Kindness is free, often effortless, and important. Let’s work together to encourage it even more throughout our communities. Take it from the Butler community, so many issues could be solved if we all work hard to live by the motto: “Just Be Kind.”




Thank you for partnering with us on these important initiatives.


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Mark Johnson
NC Superintendent of Public Instruction




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