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Windsor Elementary awarded a $25K grant for the music program!

Ask and ye shall receive!


WINDSOR—Windsor Elementary Schools music teacher, Mr. Voilstead Kearney, has secured a grant for the music program in the amount of $25,935.21 to be exact!


The grant was awarded to Windsor Elementary School’s music department by the Arthur and Gloria Konig Foundation, a non-profit that assists music programs in low-income, rural public school settings across the country.


This Foundation goes all over the country to address pressing needs for music programs,” said Kearney. “Ms. Dawn Hildreth (the Liaison between the Foundation and the school) is the lady from the Foundation who worked with me and sent the check to the school … She has a deep passion for music and understands that there is a lack of funding for music programs in this country, and therefore programs suffer.”


“It was almost as easy as her (Hildreth) asking, ‘OK, what do you need?’” said Kearney.


Kearney explained that every school function at Windsor Elementary takes place in the gymnasium, and Windsor Elementary School houses the greatest number of elementary students in the county. He decided to see if he could get financial support to purchase a state-of-the-art PA system, complete with sound, screen, cordless mics, lapel mics, all of which would be laptop compatible.


“The catch is that it is for music programs only, and you must provide quotes and receipts for everything purchased,” added Kearney. “So I will use the bulk of the money to purchase the PA system, and the rest will be used to purchase some items for my classroom.”


Those items, include: a laptop, wireless printer, music software, storage and shelving, and songs—all of which will aid in instruction for the young musicians at Windsor Elementary School.


“The whole school will benefit from this,” said Kearney. “Everyone will be able to get a piece of the pie. It’s a win-win-win! It’s not Mr. Kearney’s PA system, it is Windsor Elementary’s PA system. We will all get the most bang for our buck. This is something tangible and lasting that will benefit many generations to come.”


Kearney said he hopes that with the help of some additional electrical outlets and wiring in the gym by the BCS Maintenance Department, that the PA system will be installed before school gets out.


McFadden Music Co. Is doing the installation.


Kearney, who has been an employee of Bertie County Schools and surrounding counties since about 2004, said he has always been looking for a good opportunity to leave something tangible behind for students to come.


“Our jobs are already hard,” he said. “Any way you can help fight the fight, you should.”


Mr. Kearney with the current sound equipment


This is Mr. Kearney with the current sound equipment.


Mr. Kearney in gym where screen will come down


Just behind Mr. Kearney, and between the two flags, is where the movie-style screen will be installed. It will be retractable.