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Bertie Public Safety Cadet Program

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The Bertie Public Safety Cadet Program is offered through Roanoke Chowan Community College (RCCC) to Bertie County Schools.  This program consists of a series of courses taught face-to-face on the Bertie High School campus with RCCC providing the instruction. Certification will be awarded by RCCC.


Beginning in the Fall semester of their Junior or Senior year, students will take face-to-face college courses in criminal justice earning high school AND college credits. Classes are offered on the Bertie High School campus Monday – Friday during second block. Students are enrolled for the entire school year to complete the program.

Cadets will also participate in various experiences that will develop leadership, integrity, responsibility and a sense of community.

Fall Semester

1st Qtr - CJC 111 Intro to Criminal Justice    3 credit hours

2nd Qtr - CJC 213 Crisis Intervention     4 credit hours


Spring Semester

3rd Qtr - CJC 141 Corrections         3 credit hours

4th Qtr -  CJC 221 Investigative Principles     4 credit hours


        TOTAL 14 credit hours


Upon successful completion of the course work in the cadet program cadets will receive a Criminal Justice Technology Correction Specialist Certificate from Roanoke Chowan Community College. Additionally, their earned college credits are transferable to a community college, college or university.


College courses completed while in high school are free to the students.


Eligibility: Juniors or Seniors that meet Career and College Promise (CCP) requirements. Students must complete an application process.

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