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Girls of the "Phoenix Spa" participate in a lock-in! Click HERE for details ...

A special group of girls from Bertie Middle School recently had a unique opportunity to bond at a Phoenix Spa “lock-in” on Feb. 22 where the girls spent the night together along with Sgt. Bonnie Powell, SRO and Spa creator, and additional chaperones.


Powell reported that the girls “became so supportive of one another and everything they did, they made sure that everyone was included and no one felt left out.”


Powell said that on the following morning, many of the girls expressed a different perspective and a new viewpoint on school. During the lock-in, the girls watched to movie "The Hate You Give,” which is a powerful drama based on a best-selling novel. The novel/movie depicts a teenager, who witnessed the fatal shooting of her childhood friend by a law enforcement officer. The young girl struggles to find a way to express her feelings on the incident and to find the strength to stand up for what is right.


“Our discussion after the movie was particularly interesting to me,” said Powell. “We all discussed and tried to understand the all of the mixed feelings on the incident.


“We all agreed that everyone has a duty. And we concluded that we all must do what is required; also, things are not always as they seem.”


Powell said that they had a great experience, and the girls are already asking when they will be able to do it again!