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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor’s in Biology

Mrs. Monica Bentrup

Science Elective

I am married with three children (adopted) and one foster daughter. I enjoy cooking and reading, especially forensic magazines. My favorite color is purple. I am a chocolate fanatic and love seafood, beef, pork, and BBQ.  I do not like tomatoes, cucumbers, or melons of any variety. I enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea. I enjoy watching action, comedy, and suspense movies. My favorite book is The Color Purple. I like to visit Hersey, PA, Milwaukee, WI, and the Wisconsin Dells. My favorite subject is science, and I love summer and celebrating Christmas. 

I have a Bachelor’s in Biology and training in forensic science. While in high school, I thought of working for the FBI until I saw the physical fitness training and decided to change my mind. I started my teaching career in January 2001 at Hertford County High. I taught in Virginia and Wisconsin for many years but couldn’t deal with the cold, so I returned south in 2005. 

“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.” -- from Blazing Saddles

“Harpo, where are you going in them pants?” -- The Color Purple