Sr. Cadavid



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cadavid Martinez


Yo me llamo Sr. Cadavid.

I am originally from Colombia. My native language is Spanish. I also speak English and French.

I really love languages. Teaching came into my life thanks to them.. I have more than 11 years of experience teaching English and Spanish. 

I tend to bring some of my hobbies into the classroom, so students will practice some traditional dances from Colombia and the Latino Community. Also we use a guitar as an excuse to incorporate music into the class to practice vocabulary and expressions learned.


Why should we learn Spanish?

Currently there are more than 33 million Spanish speakers in the U.S, which makes Hispanics the second largest minority in the U.S. Interestingly, Spanish is the second largest language spoken in the country. Learning Spanish will eventually give students access to another culture, other ways to see the world, and access to information on the internet. In the professional world, being able to speak Spanish really enhances your resume  which makes you more attractive to potential employers in any field, since you will be considered more competitive. Also, learning languages is a great gym for your brain. Learning a second language improves your performance overall in tests, and makes you more creative, and sharpens your cognitive abilities overall.


With that being said, I hope to be able to put a seed of bilingualism in every single kid in my class.


North Caroline Certified Teacher.

B.A in Modern Languages. Universidad del Quindio

CELTA Certificate by Cambridge University

M.A in World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. West Virginia University.