• Daphne Williams, Colerain Elementary Principal

    Message from Principal Daphne M. Williams

    Welcome to the AMAZING academic school year. The reason that this year is going to be amazing is definitely because of YOU.  Each and every person is extremely important and plays a vital role in the success of the Colerain Elementary School. Therefore, your participation and positive comments are highly recommended.  Parents and guardians, I challenge you to become active participants in our school community by volunteering, joining the PTSO, attending various meetings, and supporting extra-curricular activities. Research shows that parental involvement in a child’s education benefits the child academically, socially, and emotionally.

    Colerain Elementary is a committed team that is willing to educate and grow students with fidelity to reach new levels of success. The staff is comprised of continual learners who are constantly looking for new ways to engage the students to become critical thinkers for life. Our commitment is always “Students First” each and every day.

    As the principal of Colerain Elementary, I am looking forward to partnering with you in educating your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop in, make an appointment, or call to discuss any concerns, or suggestions that you may have to help make this an extraordinary school year for our students.