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    Reference Guide for Presumed Positive COVID-19 Cases in the Schools

    This link is from the NC DHHS

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    What does it REALLY MEAN to be "EXPOSED" to COVID-19?



    1. You have been within 6 feet of someone who was diagnosed with the virus AND

    2. You were in the presence of the person who tested positive for a CUMULATIVE 15 MINUTES OR MORE since he/she was diagnosed.


    **All three of the above circumstances must be affirmed in order for action to be taken. (Isolation to be recommended and for you to take further precautions for your protection and for the protection of others.)


    **If you believe that you or someone you know has been exposed in a school setting:

    1. Report to your Principal

    2. The Principal will report to the COVID-19 Contact at Central Office

    3. The COVID-19 Contact at Central Office will report to the local health department for guidance


    Based upon assistance from public health authorities with interviews and contact tracing, only the affected parties will be notified and action will be taken--based upon the recommendations in the NC DHHS Reference Guide above.




    Contact Tracing:


    It is imperative that you be cognizant EVERY DAY of the people you come into contact with. If someone is not wearing a face covering, be sure that you stay 6 feet away from him/her and that you are wearing YOUR face covering.




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