Natasha Stephenson, Principal of WBES
  • With great pride and honor, I welcome staff, students, and the community to West Bertie Elementary School.

    This year we must become one village - ONE TEAM - to ensure the success of ALL students.  With one team working together and fulfilling its role, success will inevitably happen!  This 2022-2023 school year, I charge each team member to perform at even greater heights.

    To the WBES Faculty and Staff - I charge you to come prepared every day to provide the best instruction to each and every student who walks through our doors.  I encourage you to push students beyond their existing potential and help them to realize and achieve their dreams of being future world changers.  I also charge you to be a positive teammate and a helpful colleague.

    To the Parents of WBES Students - I charge you to be supportive of your children and the WBES staff.  Encourage your child to attend school daily, performing at their absolute best!  I invite you to visit the school and keep in constant communication with your child's teachers.  It is with you showing interest and your unsurmountable support that your child will achieve greatness.

    To the Citizens of the WBES Community - I charge you all to be a presence in the school and in the activities hosted by West Bertie Elementary School.  As our community leaders, I encourage you to base every decision in the best interest of our students.

    To the Outstanding Students - It begins and ends with you!  I charge you to come to school excited, prepared, and expecting to receive the instruction you are entitled to in order to be successful.  I encourage you to share in the responsibility of making West Bertie Elementary School one of the best schools in North Carolina.  We expect you to follow the rules and present yourself daily as a responsible and respectable scholar.  Remain focused on your dream, and keep your eyes on your future!  Remember, PREPARATION NOW, OPENS THE DOORS FOR YOUR FUTURE!

    As the Leader of this great institution of learning, I will provide an environment that is safe, nurturing, and productive!  I will strive daily to ensure that students' academic, emotional, and social success is at the core of every decision we make at West Bertie Elementary School.

    With each person of the TEAM working together, WINNING is not a surprise, it is EXPECTED!

    Natasha Stephenson, Principal

    West Bertie Elementary School