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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Students, visitors and staff are welcome and encouraged to bring personally-owned devices to school, at the discretion of school-level administration.  Students, staff, and visitors who use personally-owned devices on-campus are subject to the policies and procedures of the Bertie County Board of Education.  

All users are required to authenticate to the content filter system in order to gain access to the Internet.  Visitors may obtain a day-use password from the school media center.


Bertie County Schools uses the Z-Scaler content filtering system in order to provide access to the Internet.  With personally-owned devices, users must download and install Z-Scaler root security certificates.  These certificates are installed so that your Internet traffic can be securely transmitted.  No data is collected from your computer, and no software or off-site monitoring capabilities are ever installed on personally-owned devices.

Before you install the certificates, you will need to download them to your computer.  If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, save these files to your Desktop so that you'll be able to find them later.

Download Security Certificates

"Current" Certificate

"New" Certificate

Installation Instructions

Windows - Internet Explorer/Google Chrome
Once you have downloaded and saved both files, follow these instructions for each certificate file.  Note - only the first 1:10 of this video is required for Z-Scaler to function properly.

Windows - Mozilla Firefox
Once you have downloaded and saved both files, follow these instructions for each certificate file:


Mac OS X
Once you have downloaded all of the files, follow these instructions for each file:


  • Download two certificate files.
  • For each file:
  • Double-click the file
  • In the "Add Certificates" window, select "System" under "Keychain"
  • Click Add
  • Enter your password
  • If prompted, select "Always Trust This Certificate"

You must be using Mobile Safari to view this page.  Once you are at this page, you'll do the following once you go to download each file:

  • Click the link to download the file
  • Click "Install"
  • Click "Install Now"
  • If you have a passcode on your iPad, enter it
  • Return to Safari and repeat for the second link


  • Click the link for the "Current" certificate
  • Android will ask you what to name the certificate. Call it "Current"
  • Click OK. The certificate will be installed. Repeat for the "New" certificate"