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BCS Athletic Trainer

Contact info:
Marlee Sloan, MS, LAT, ATC (preferred method) 
o: (252) 794-3034 ext 5601
715 US Hwy 13 N
Windsor, NC 27983

Athletic Trainer: Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for prevention, emergency care, first aid, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries to athletes under his/her care. Serve as liaison between the team physician, the athlete, the athlete’s parents, and coaching staff. Consultant to coaching staff on conditioning, nutrition, and protective equipment. Assist with prevention of injuries including education for athletes and coaches, identifying factors that put athletes “at risk”, correcting deficiencies in athletes as deemed necessary, as well as taping and bracing. Provide emergency care and first aid including availability of necessary equipment, communication procedures for emergency situations, and prompt, accurate triage. 

Evaluate acute and chronic injuries and refer to the team physician or specialist where appropriate. Help decide if a player may return to competition following an injury. Treat athletic injuries with protection, rest, ice, compression, evaluation, support, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold/heat/ and hydrotherapy as needed or prescribed with the availability of modalities. Develop, supervise, evaluate, and modify individual exercise programs for rehabilitation to help athletes return to a pre-injury status. 

Maintain records including injury reports, home care instructions, referrals, treatment records, rehabilitation progress notes, and insurance information. Secure training room equipment and supplies as needed. Prepares and maintains a variety of reports, correspondence and notices. Maintains accurate and complete student documentation as required by law, district policy and administrative regulations. Maintains appropriate levels of confidentiality.

Cover team practices allowing access to the athletic training room. Cover sporting events as scheduled with the athletic director. Make the training room facilities and medical attention available to school athletes with arrangements made by the coach and other appropriate staff.