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Public Relations

Office of Public Information

Janice Ricks, Public Information Officer

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Office Phone: 252-794-6017

Cell: 252-325-5928

Welcome to the official Public Relations page for Bertie County Schools. Our team is dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns you may have, and we highly value your input. For members of the press or media seeking information, please direct your inquiries to our designated contact, Janice Ricks (contact information is located on the left). We are committed to ensuring that you receive the necessary information or sources needed. Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.


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Important Information

The Public Information Office acts as a liaison between you and the media. But, what should you do if you have to talk directly to a reporter? How should you act? How should you handle yourself?

If a reporter contacts you—you must notify your principal and/or the Public Information Office! Principals, notify the Superintendent. A reporter who shows up at a school where the principal was not notified may not be let into the school!

It is imperative to involve the principal and/or Public Information Office in media requests to properly screen them. Their role is to protect you and the District, ensuring a fair and seamless interview. This screening process is crucial in preventing any potential setup or unfair representation. Rest assured that involving the Public Information Office guarantees a positive outcome for all parties involved.