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Workers Compensation

The first Report of Injury should be submitted to Central Office immediately following injury (preferably within the first 24 hours). All employee injuries requiring medical care that do not require emergency care or an ambulance must go through the district's chosen doctor's office. Please contact Central Office to make an appointment to be seen during normal business hours. 

Fax: (252)-794-9727


NOTE: It is imperative that ALL the sections on the form are filled out prior to submitting the Accident/Injury/Illness Report for timely processing of your claim.

What To Do:

  • Report the work-related injury immediately. 
  • Do not go to your personal physician.  Bertie County Public Schools has a Doctor’s office identified to handle all of the district's workers' compensation injuries and claims.
  • Do not give or show your insurance card at the doctor's office or emergency room.  Please inform them that you will be filing a workers' compensation claim through your employer.