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Occupational Course of Study (OCS)

What is the Future Ready "Occupational Course of Study" (FR-OCS)?

It is one of 2 courses of study that lead to a high school diploma in North Carolina.
In order to participate in the FR-OCS curriculum the student must have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) and have a post school outcome goal of obtaining employment after high school graduation. 
The curriculum focus is on…
  • Functional Academics
  • Hands-On Community Based Training
  • Vocational Skills
Participation in the curriculum is ...
  • NOT based on a specific disability 
  • NOT appropriate for a student who is simply struggling in the Future Ready Course of Study 
  • NOT automatic for a student who has failed
  • NOT based solely on the preference of the student and his or her family

What are the Major Components of FR-OCS?

 The major components of FR-OCS are as follows.
  • It is intended to meet the needs of a small group of students with disabilities who need a modified curriculum that focuses on post-school employment and independent living. However, the vast majority of students with disabilities will complete another course of study (as opposed to FR-OCS) with the use of accommodations, modifications, supplemental aids and services as needed.
  • It is a modified standard course of study consisting of 15 courses in English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Occupational Preparation.
  • Students are also required to complete career/technical education credits, and healthful living.
  • Each student MUST complete 150 hours of school-based vocational training, 225 hours of community based vocational training, and 225 hours of paid/competitive employment (or paid vocational training if paid options have been exhausted) in order to receive a high school diploma.
  • Each student must complete a career portfolio documenting completion of course of study requirements
  • Each Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team, which includes parents and the student, makes recommendations as to appropriateness of FR-OCS for a particular student based on his/her post-school transition needs and goals. After IEP recommendation, final selection of FR-OCS is student and parent choice.
Future Ready "Occupational Course of Study" (FR-OCS) Requirements for students entering high school.

Total of 22 Credits and 600 Work Hours for a High School Diploma

  • English - 4 Credits [English I; II*, III; IV] *By grade 10
  • Mathematics - 3 Credits [Introduction to Math I; Math I; Financial Management]
  • Science - 2 Credits [Applied Science; Biology**] **By grade 11
  • History - 2 Credits [American History I, American II]
  • Health & Physical Education - 1 Credit [Health/Physical Educational] 
  • Career/Technical - 4 Credits [Career/Technical Education Courses]
  • Other Requirements - 6 Credits [Occupational Preparation I; II; III; IV***] ***Career Portfolio Required 
  • Work Hours - 600 Work Hours Total
    • 150 School-Based;
    • 225 Community-Based;
    • 225 Paid/Competitive Employment (or unpaid vocational training if paid options exhausted)
  • Arts Education (Dance, Music, Theatre & Visual Arts) - Recommended 1 credit
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