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Student Enrollment


What do I need to register my child when I move to Bertie County Public Schools?

Registration requirements and forms for (new and transferring) Pre-K through 12th grade students are located on this page. (Scroll for more.)


May I transfer my child to a school out of zone?

With the loss of teaching positions, transferring students out of zone is increasingly difficult. All requests received in writing are reviewed and in cases of medical or special educational services, consideration is given if possible.  *

All transfer requests must be received during the month of May of the current school year. 



Will Bertie County Public Schools accept out-of-district students?

Yes, we can accept out-of-county tuition students. Employees that reside out of Bertie County may bring their children to our schools, upon securing release from their county of residence.


Who may register a student in Bertie County Public Schools?

Only the parent or legal guardian, as designated through family court, that is a legal resident of Bertie County may register a student in Bertie County Public Schools.


Does Bertie County Public Schools accept students that are expelled from other school districts?

No. Students must be readmitted and in good standing before they may return to public school.