• Instructional Coaches' Corner

    Vision Statement

    Schedules – As you work to finalize your daily schedules, please make sure to include information about specific instructional and planning times. 

    Progress Monitoring – An important focus this school year will be progress monitoring. To monitor you must first know where your students begin. During the initial 10-day period, please complete diagnostic assessments for all our students. Select assessments that will provide a universal screening. As you select initial screeners, make sure that you plan periodic progress monitoring (at least once every 3 weeks) for those initiatives. Some assessments that may be used are: DIBELS/Reading 3D, San Diego Quick Assessment of Reading, AIMSweb, Core Phonics Survey, Intervention Central, and Schoolnet. Once you have your initial student results, you must begin the process of documenting the data collected.  The expectation is for all EC teachers to maintain a data notebook.  End-of-Grade/EVAAS data is beneficial, but remember that it is summative.  Formative data is what will guide instruction. Collected data should also be utilized when sending progress reports home demonstrating mastery of IEP goals.  Many of the conversations that I have with you will discuss instructional practices based on progress monitoring. If you need assistance with data collection and analysis, please contact me.

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