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    What is CECAS?



    The Comprehensive Exceptional Children Accountability System (CECAS) is a case management and data analysis system that will be offered to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Charter Schools, and State-Operated Programs (SOPs) as a means to manage and analyze exceptional children data. This project customizes a commercial product to provide efficient tracking of services for exceptional children. The application is a completely outsourced, web-based system.

    The following are the objectives for the CECAS project:

    • Provide a case management/workflow-oriented application for Exceptional Children professionals around the state to automate the various processes involved in providing services to exceptional children
    • Provide schools, LEAs, and the Division of Exceptional Children with a system that eliminates redundant data collection and allows the efficient capture of statewide EC data
    • Provide for the automatic generation, routing and approval of reports required by the State and Federal Government.

    CECAS Production Site: http://www.nccecas.org/



    Melissia Spivey
    CECAS Data Manager
    Phone Number: 1-252-794-6052
    Fax Number: 1-252-794-6097