• A. Hoggard

    Greetings Bertie Early College Families!

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! We are thrilled to welcome our students and staff back to school. We hope that you all were able to relax and make special memories with your families and friends. I am very excited about the upcoming school year because BCS is no longer a low-performing school district! Did you know that six out of seven schools met or exceeded growth? But the greatest news comes from right here at BECHS! We went from a "B" school to an "A" school! That is outstanding! I am so proud of our scholars and staff for a job well done! So, to ensure a great start for each student, the staff and I have spent time analyzing student performance data, identifying successful strategies for teaching, and reaffirming our commitment to making BECHS an environment that reflects high expectations and opportunities for our students. We plan to "Get In The Way" for our students by becoming roadblocks to all risk factors that may hinder their success at BECHS. Please know that we are committed to the education and success of each child and seek to nurture a strong partnership between home and school. I look forward to many years of working collaboratively with you to ensure we continue to have a high-quality instructional program, where all students are learning and thriving. It is an honor to serve the BEC community. Our illustrious staff of educators are here to make every student’s experience one to cherish for years to come. They are preparing their classrooms and planning lessons for the new school year. Our mission is to motivate, educate, and empower students through rigorous and engaging educational experiences that will foster lifelong learning.

    Once again, I welcome you back to the 2023-2024 school year and all the heights of achievements that we will experience this year. Let’s go FALCONS!!!!


    Antonio Hoggard, Principal