• Mental Health Services



    Bertie County Schools has a partnership with Comprehensive Interventions to provide Mental Health Services for our students.

    Comprehensive Interventions works with our schools to provide the following services:


    Core Services 
    1. Diagnostic Assessment/Comprehensive Clinical Assessment- Evaluation conducted to determine possible diagnosis 
    2. Psychiatric Evaluation- evaluation by medication doctor to determine possible diagnosis and medication as intervention
    3. Medication Management- ongoing monitoring and prescriptions for psychiatric medications 
    4. Outpatient Therapy- individual, group, family "talk" therapy usually occurring once per week. 
    Enhanced Services 
    1. IIH- Intensive In Home- team services designed to prevent further family disruption because of behavioral problems. 
    2. Day Treatment (child and adolescents)- structured services provided either at school or at designated site to increase compliance with school rules, regulations while decreasing suspensions/expulsions 
    3. Respite ( mentoring)- non clinical services provided in conjunction with other services designed to provide recreational outlet for children and parents. 
    Please contact the counselor at your child's school for more information.
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