Dental Services




    Since 2019, Bertie County Schools has partnered with The East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine to provide Bertie County students with dental services.


    Program Goals:  The goal of the Bertie County School-Based Oral Health Prevention Program is to provide convenient and cost-effective access to preventive dental care for all elementary and middle school aged children in Bertie County.   


    Program Date:  Nov 2019 - Present


    Services:  Exams, preschool screenings, cleanings, xrays, fluoride, sealants 




    In-school services:  Windsor Elementary, Colerain Elementary, West Bertie Elementary,  Aulander Elementary, Bertie Middle . Bertie High School and Bertie Early college High School


    Appointments for all children (preschool-high school):  Bertie Health  Department 


    Cost:  No out-of-pocket cost (All insurances filed)  


    Stats:  Since Nov. 2019, 430 children from 2 years old to 19 years old in Bertie County have received services


    Program Documents


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