• Bertie High School Athletics is a member by the NCHSAA. You will find the link below for the NHCSAA. The NCHSAA rules/guidelines must be followed by all athletic teams. The local board of education, athletic department, and each individual team can also set certain rules/guidelines. 


    Required forms to participate in athletics at Bertie High School: NCHSAA physical form, NCHSAA concussion form, NCHSAA eligibility form, treatment/medical/emergency contact information form, and the BHS athletic dept. rules form. All of the forms must be updated yearly. 


    Please note that Bertie High School is not responsbile for lost or misplaced personal items on campus. Any equipment checked out to a student must be returned to the coach at the end of the year. A charge to replace the equipment will be added to the students account in the event that the item is lost or misplaced by the student. Damaged or broken equipment should be reported to the coach of the team as soon as it occurs. 


    Link to the NCHSAA site: NCHSAA