Antonio Hoggard, BHS Principal

Principal Antonio Hoggard
  • Background Information 

    • I am a graduate of the Distinguished Leadership Program through NCPAPA, an organization in which I am also currently an active member.
    • I am a movie connoisseur. My favorite genre is action-adventure.
    • I also love grilling.
    • My favorite flavor of ice cream is Butter Pecan.

    What is one thing about yourself that MANY people do NOT know? 

    Until we took the incoming freshman class to the North Carolina mountains during the summer bridge program, I had never been in the mountains my whole life. I like the air up there. It’s definitely different…It’s fresher, not as humid, and the nights are cool.

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  • Information About Mr. Hoggard

    Why did you first decide to become a principal?

    I applied to become the principal of Bertie High School because I feel we need stability in leadership.

    What will you do at your school to ensure that the instruction that takes place is rigorous, relevant, and engaging? 

    My first focus will be on teaching and instruction. I will work with teachers to make sure they understand the standards by which they will be observed and evaluated. I will also help them to have a clear understanding of writing and following lesson plans. I aim to strengthen teaching and learning by helping teachers to use data to drive instruction—not just to impact student achievement, but also to help them to evaluate their own performance as teachers; how to reach low, middle, and high achievers and when to rethink and reteach.

    In your words, why do you think that you were selected to serve in this capacity?

    Dr. Smallwood felt I was the right person for the job because I know the kids, I know the culture and climate, and I know this community. I know what makes this school tick. I have combined 24 years of experience in this building, having served as a Dean of Students, an Assistant Principal and now as Principal.

    What is your philosophy of education?

    All students can learn if they are provided the right tools and atmosphere that is conducive to learning.