• Welcome to Bertie Early College High School where the "A" school status is not just a mere accolade; it represents the culmination of countless hours of hard work, late nights studying, collaborative projects, and extracurricular activities that have enriched the overall educational experience for our students. It is a testament to the collective effort put forth by everyone involved.

    This achievement is not only a reflection of our commitment to academic excellence but also a validation of the supportive and nurturing environment we have fostered within our school community. Our students have consistently demonstrated their thirst for knowledge, their resilience in the face of challenges, and their unwavering determination to succeed.

    We are immensely proud of our faculty who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to providing quality education and guidance to our students. Their passion for teaching, innovative approaches, and tireless efforts have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping our students' success. Their unwavering commitment to going above and beyond has created an atmosphere where every student feels valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

    Our counselor and college liaison assist students in exploring various colleges and universities that align with their unique needs and aspirations. Our counselors provide comprehensive resources such as college fairs, campus visits, virtual tours, and access to online databases to help students gather information about potential institutions. We encourage students to consider factors like location, size of the campus community, available majors or programs, and financial aid.

    We understand that education is not just about academics; it's about developing well-rounded individuals. That's why we provide numerous extracurricular activities and clubs where students can explore their passions and develop leadership skills. From sports teams to debate clubs to art workshops, there is something for everyone at Bertie Early College.