School districts and Charter Schools statewide are working with Sandy Hook Promise to offer training to school-level staff and students on the free online app where secure and anonymous safety concerns can be reported to help at-risk individuals before they hurt themselves or others. Statewide rollout of Say Something began in 2019 and districts and schools continue to adopt the system.



    Bertie "Say Something" District Team


    Danny Perry (Chair)

    Michael White



    Bertie Middle School "Say Something" Team


    SRO Gail Bond (Chair)
    Ashley Bradley
    Daphne Jacobs
    Bertie Early College High School "Say Something" Team
    Stephanie Cottle (Chair)
    Wanda Dempsey-Jacobs 
    Sharon Tann  
    Latonja Hyman
    Bertie High School "Say Something" Team
    Antonio Hoggard (Chair)
    Vickie Watford