• Robotics Ultiners


    RRVEC Ultiners is a robotics competition for elementary and middle schools.

    Teams build robots to solve preassigned problems and compete with other schools. Joe Kronner is the Director of the program. 

    Teams of two-ten students are challenged to complete as many of the 14 possible robot missions as
    they can in 2 ½ minutes on a 4 foot by 8 foot table. The teams were given a robot brain and over 1,000
    Lego pieces to use to design and build a custom robot to perform complex tasks. Then the teams use a
    laptop computer and special “drag and drop” software to program the robot.”

    BCS Teams

    Colerain Elementary

     Name Role
     Cruz Hernandez Coach
     Jeremy Peede Coach


    Windsor Elementary

     Name Role
     Amy Mizelle Coach
     Sandra Smith Coach