The Director of Support Services for Bertie County Schools serves on the following community councils, coalitions, and committees during the 2023-24 school year. 


    North Carolina Safety Directors Advisory Council

    Tobacco Free Living Coalition 

    Three Rivers Healthy Carolinians (TRHC) 

    Albemarle Overdose Prevention Coalition 

    Healthy Foods Coalition 

    School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) (Chair) 

    4-H Advisory Council 

    Trillium Health Resources Coalition 

    Juvenile Crime Prevention Council 

    School Justice Partnership Council 

    BCS Safety and Security Committee (Chair)

    Child Fatality and Community Child Protection Team

    BCS (District Level) Anti-Bullying Committee (Chair)

    Tri-County- NC Balance of State Coalition

    NC Healthy Schools 1801 Bertie Team (Chair)

    NCCARE360- Bertie/ Chowan Vidant 

    Region 9 Oral Health Alliance

    Bertie Ministerial Council

    Junior Bertie County Schools Board of Education Selection Committee

    Junior Bertie County Commissioner Selection Committee

    Bertie County Disaster Preparedness Team

    BCS Central Office Liaison to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association

    BCS "Say Something Anonymous Reporting System" District Level Team (Chair)

    Three Rivers Healthy Communities

    Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship Committee

    George and Frances London Scholarship Committee