Bertie Schools Health Collaborative

serving our community since 2014

"Healthier schools lead to healthier students; which leads to healthier communities" - NC Healthy Schools

Danny Perry
Director of Safety and Security,
Health and Physical Education and
Support Services

Bertie County Schools

Mission Statement

The mission of Bertie Schools Health Collaborative is to build strong partnerships with parents, community and schools.  Collaboration among partners will make a positive impact on the health behaviors and health outcomes of students within Bertie County Schools; thus increasing academic success, and decreasing absenteeism among our students because of reduced health problems.


 Support the Implementation  of the Coordinated School Physical Activity Program Module                 


       Support Healthy Nutrition

           Promote Healthy Living

               The Whole Child







                                                        Organizational Approach

All schools in the Bertie County School system have a wellness team. Each school
has a “wellness champion” who serves as the chair of the wellness team. Each
wellness team consists of various employees of the school. The wellness team
plans, develops and implements physical activity and nutrition education activities
designed to increase the physical activity and nutrition education opportunities for students.

The wellness team completes the annual Alliance for a Healthier Generation Assessment
which identifies strengths and weaknesses of the school and guides the wellness
team as they develop an annual action plan for the school.

The action plan contains three sections: 1) Supportive Nutrition Environments, 2) Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs and 3) Supportive Physical Activity Environments. The action plan is implemented with the start of each school year. 






AES Wellness Team

CES Wellness Team

WES Wellnes Team

WBES Wellness Team


BECHS Wellness Team


BMS Wellness Team


BHS Wellness Team





AES 19-20 Action Plan

CES 19-20 Action Plan


WES 19-20 Action Plan

WBES 19-20 Action Plan

BECHS 19-20 Action Plan

BMS 19-20 Action Plan


BHS 19-20 Action Plan



  BCS Nutrition Education and Physical Activity Plan: 

                                                 2019-20 BCS Initiatives 


 BCS Reproductive Health, Violence, and Mental Health Activity Plan:



                                                                2019-20 BCS Initiatives

Bertie Schools Health Collaborative Partners 



























































These programs can help you control your weight: 



      Physical Activity During The School Day Resources


                                                         CDC's Virtual Healthy School




                                                                      We Need You 


Bertie School Health Advisory Council

Vision Statement

All Bertie County students will reach their full personal, health, and academic potential.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bertie School Health Advisory Council is to facilitate opportunities for our students, parents, staff, and community, to improve their health through effective communication, education and activities.  The SHAC shall raise the awareness and increase participation of positive health practices and activities, thus promoting "Healthy Lifestyles"


The goals of the Bertie SHAC are to:

  • increase parent involvement in the SHAC
  • perform ongoing assessments of the eight areas of coordinated school health 
  • help ensure the success of programs designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and chronic disease in the district's student and employee population
  • provide recommendations to the Bertie County decision makers about areas of coordinated school health that could be altered to improve the health of Bertie students and staff

 Bertie School Health Advisory Council meets quarterly.

We are looking for parents of students to join our group.


Bertie SHAC Chair

Danny Perry