• Class Syllabus


    1st Period - NC Math I

    2nd Period - English/LA II

    3rd Period  - Life Science

    4th Period - Daily Living Skills

    Grading Scale

    90 - 100  = A

    80 - 89    = B

    70 - 79    = C

    60 - 69    = D

    0 - 59      = F

    Course Description:

    During the 2018/2019 school year, students will be actively engaged in addressing the academic, behavioral, functional, and social goals stated in each student's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Each student's curriculum is designed to accommodate his or her specific academic and functional needs, enable his or her successful completion of the high school course of study, and facilitate his or her preparation for post-secondary options. This will be accomplished by using The North Carolina Standard Course of Study, The North Carolina Extended Standards, The Preparing for Life Transition Guide, results from curriculum and norm-based assessments, and formative and summative assessments. A variety of instructional approaches will be utilized to accommodate each student's strengths, learning styles, and needs.

    Transition/Life Skills:

    Students will identify leisure interests, prepare for post-secondary options, independently care for personal goals, prepare and/or plan simple meals, independently complete assigned household chores, and demonstrate awareness of environment. Students will follow directions, respect others, and adhere to behavioral expectations according to classroom rules and the Bertie High School student handbook.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    Classroom Rules and Procedures will be posted in the classroom and a copy will be sent home. Rules and Procedures will be addressed daily for the first two weeks and whenever necessary throughout the semester. Cell phones are not allowed during instructional time unless given permission by the teacher to utilize for instructional purposes or rewards.

    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Resourceful
    3. Be Responsible


    ***Students will be rewarded for their good behavior utilizing a reward system.

    ***Students that do not meet the expectations of the desired behaviors will be place on a student/teacher behavioral contract. This contract will target the issue at hand, state what the student and teacher are responsible for, what the desired outcome is, what reasonable reward the student would like to have, and what the next step would be if the contract happens not to work for the student.

    Communication with Parents:

    Parents will be contacted throughout the school year and are encouraged to call the school, email me, or send me a note if a concern arises.

    Each parent will receive:

    1. A copy of classroom rules and procedures.
    2. A mid-nine weeks progress report.
    3. Telephone calls/notes concerning behavior (positive and negative) or uncompleted work.
    4. Notification of scheduled parent/teacher conferences.