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    Meet Dr. Edmonds

    Catherine Edmonds officially began working as Superintendent of Bertie County Schools in February 2018. She was sworn in January 16, 2018 and came to us with more than 26 years of experience in both higher education and K-12 public education.

    Before assuming her current position, Dr. Edmonds was the Director of Educational Leadership and Development and the State Director of the NC Principal Fellows Program (NCPFP) for the UNC System. As the Director of Educational Leadership and Development, Dr. Edmonds identified and convened appropriate committees and advisors to assist with the development of research, materials, programs, and policies for the development and implementation of high quality principal preparation programs across the UNC System.


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     Windsor Elementary School SGA Meeting   Dr. Edmonds with West Bertie SGA


    This year—for the first time in a very long time—students have a direct connection with school leaders and upper level administrative staff through Student Government Associations in every school. Students have addressed topics that are of concern to them, as they are on the front lines every day—our most important customers.

    Bertie Middle School Dance Club   Windsor Elementary Chess Club
    Club Day

    As an extension of the Student Government Associations, the district has implemented a countywide Club Day, once a month, for students to decompress and explore areas of personal interest, which were recommended for the students, by the students. Clubs range from cooking and gardening clubs, to acting, guitar, chess, fishing and so much more! Since the implementation of Club Day, students at all grade levels have expressed they are grateful to be able to have clubs and to unplug from the stresses of day-to-day rigor and assessments.

    County Commissioners with jr. members, Dr. Edmonds and 3 BOE members    School Board with jr. members and Dr. Edmonds

    Junior Commissioners and Junior School Board Members

    Bertie County Schools is also blazing the trail for other counties and LEAs to appoint Junior School Board members and Junior County Commissioners who will engage in a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about civics and democracy in real world board operations.


    2017-2018 Annual Report

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    What a Difference One Year Can Make!
    (Feb. 2019 Video)

    February 1, 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of Dr. Catherine Edmonds’ service in Bertie County Schools as superintendent. In that time, she has been a visible vessel in our schools and communities, making sure that every stakeholder has a voice when it comes to decisions about what is best for our students, our staff and the towns in which we live, attend school and work. Dr. Edmonds has evoked changes—both wanted and needed—based on the needs of our stakeholders, delivering shifts in operations that lead to positive change.



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