• The mission of Career Technical Education in Bertie County Schools is to help empower Bertie students for effective participation in a global economy as world-class workers and citizens. 


    Some of us remember it as Vocational Education but it is now referred to as Career Technical Education (CTE). CTE affords students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts and learn technical skills. Classes are offered in the middle school and both high schools. These programs are aligned with related programs at local public community colleges. This allows students to easily continue their studies in college to earn a degree, diploma, or certification. Students can study fields ranging from agriculture and arts, to health and human services, to engineering and business.


    CTE classes help students connect what they are learning to the REAL WORLD! CTE helps students gain key skills or experiences that are necessary to help them become great employees in the future.  It's also a great way to explore career options and network with people. Students are also able to earn college credit in high school which can save time and money.